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Creative Director


Chris has deep, long term experience in brand development including brand naming, brand strategy and positioning, integrated communications strategy, creative direction and the development of entirely new challenger brands and technology (apps). He has well established skills in art direction, design, copywriting, professional film production and photography and has developed brands, grown businesses and created communications in virtually all sectors in a professional creative career spanning over 20 years. Side note: Chris also randomly talks in multiple different accents for no apparent reason other than to amuse himself.
Creative Lead, Film and Drone Production


With wide experience as Actor, Director, Editor and Drone Camera Operator, Jared leads the Production Studio at Team Creative. He's worked extensively in film and theatre productions in Australia and Singapore, even appearing in a number of films including the elusive Japanese Sci-Fi / Horror feature ‘Infinity Quest’. Side note: In a startling turn of events, Jared has never even seen this movie. After spending a million years on set wearing women’s underwear and smothered in body paint and petroleum jelly he would very much like to. If you have seen this film please contact Team Creative ASAP. He needs to know.
Creative Lead, VR and MR Development


Lucian is an inspiring Lecturer at RMIT, teaching in the Game Design Program while working with Team Creative as a VR and Mixed-Reality (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality) Developer. His creative projects include virtual reality installations, augmented reality experiences, educational games and short film animations. Side note: Even though Lucian literally photographs ALL his food, ALL the time, it’s not a fixation or a problem. It just isn’t, ok?
Creative Lead, VR Development


Ptolemy is an experienced coder who has worked in Film and TV for over six years for clients including Mercedes Benz. While predominantly focused on Team Creative VR development projects (using Unreal Engine), Ptolemy also works across multiple areas of the Team Creative business including animation, film production and coding. Side note: Ptolemy is obsessed with the ocean and is scientifically proven to be at least 50% fish. One day he’ll actually stand up on a surfboard.
Creative Lead, Brand Design and Animation


Zach works with Team Creative in the design studio, evolving his stories, first thoughts, doodles and sketches into all manner of finished designs such as brand logos, storyboards and 2D animated characters. His design passion is unlocked through software platforms such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Animate. Side note: With a love of the weird and wonderful, Zach also scares little kids with his double jointed thumb and Harry Potter scar.