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VR experience development

We create virtual reality experiences

With the rise of the metaverse and with virtual reality now accessible to all through a new generation of high quality VR headsets, the development of virtual reality content has become a powerful new communications area for businesses and brands looking to take advantage of immersive technology.

The Team at Team Creative have worked for years with Mindflight7, the world leading Melbourne based VR Education incursion brand. We have not only built the Mindflight7 brand from scratch (including the brand name) we have worked on the creative development of its virtual reality experiences and we continue to do so today. We’d love to help you with the development of your VR experience.

Do you have an idea for a virtual reality experience that you would like developed for education and training? Do you want to create a VR brand experience or another type of VR project for your brand or business? Please contact us today – we can provide you with a free 30 minute consultation. We’ll let you know about the process of VR development and answer all your questions about this very exciting, emerging area of communications technology that is exploding across education, training, business and leisure industries.

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