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Rise Above To See The Whole Picture - Drone Video And Photography

We’ve all seen those moments in blockbuster Hollywood movies with the sweeping overhead shots of the epic mountain landscapes or the fast moving shots through the city buildings at night. These shots look amazingly impressive and provide that feeling of cinematic scale and high production values that you expect from these types of movies. In the past, these kinds of overhead shots required massive budgets, helicopters or huge cranes and the experienced pilots and camera operators to execute them. But things have changed and the type of impressive overhead film shots you expect from Hollywood are now achievable with the right video production team and equipment at a price and in timeframes that make this type of aerial photography much more accessible to businesses in Melbourne and beyond.

Aerial Drone Photography Services

We may not have a super cool helicopter and pilot (yet) but with our professional drone video and photography services, Team Creative can provide you with time and cost effective aerial imagery that will take your marketing film production to the level of a cinematic experience.

Perhaps you require our drone video services to clearly capture the unique and expansive landscapes of your tourism region, winery or farmland? Or maybe you need to show the extent of a real estate development, cover a major event, track over a large factory compound or present a stunning view of a new business precinct.

Whatever you might want to shoot from overhead, drone video will provide a birds eye view for your new and existing customers and allow you to better demonstrate and show off your product offering. Your aerial drone photos or video can be combined with other photos and video shot on ground and turned into valuable, impressive marketing material for use as TV advertisements, brand marketing videos, promotional YouTube and other social media content or videos and photos for your business website.

Tips for creating a professional drone video for your business

Team Creative have years of experience shooting on the ground footage and providing drone video production services. Over this time we have learned a few tricks to shooting better quality drone video content for business.

  1. Clever composition in drone photography and film is essential.

While it is important to compose a great picture whatever you are shooting, drone photography deserves special attention by the drone operator. This is because a drone’s ability to capture an entire landscape or scene with a wide angle lens can cause the audience’s eyes to be distracted by the detail and thus, important aspects of the scene can get lost.

An experienced Drone Operator and Director will set up and shoot with this understanding, using compositional rules such as Bakers Saddle and the Rule of Thirds (grid composition) to first select the best vantage point to capture an image from and then to showcase the important aspects in a focused way so that the brain doesn’t get distracted by a busy shot. Having a drone operator who is experienced in identifying this type of symmetry and pleasing aesthetic patterns is very helpful when producing drone aerial photography services.

  1. Try different types of creative shots but be aware of jumpy movements.

When flying over a scene capturing drone video it is important for the drone operator to have in mind their idea of the sweeping overhead shot they’d like to capture. Remember, your time is limited to all kinds of factors, including battery life. If a drone operator simply heads upwards with the drone to take the video without a clear idea of the direction of the shot, they are more likely to waste time and randomly move the camera around or change direction. When this happens a potentially good shot can be visually disrupted and the footage much harder to edit into an aesthetically pleasing film production. Having said that, one of the advantages of aerial drone photography is the creative flexibility it offers the operator. You can make all the same kinds of moves as a helicopter with a drone, so try them out. If you want to ‘reveal’ a scene, you can take your drone into reverse and fly backwards, gradually revealing the most impressive aspect of your image. Also remember to try sweeping shots low to the ground, moving between objects, as well as high above for a different compositional pattern and a wider view. Just make sure you are not flying higher than your local area regulations accept. Check on this before you fly.

  1. Technical details like shutter speed, frame rate, film definition and battery power are important.

Get your head around a few important areas of drone technology. Often, a change to the frame rate and shutter speed of your drone footage can change the way the footage works with other footage shot on the ground. Align your drone footage frame rate and shutter speed with any other footage being shot for the same edit with a different camera. If you don’t do this, the different frame rates in the shots will make smooth editing very difficult.

Higher frames per second (FPS) will generally allow you to slow down footage with 120 FPS offering great smooth slo mo shot options for your end film production. This is an excellent shooting frame rate if you are capturing action such as sports (surfing, racing, running) or shots of the faces of people and crowds from above such as you might find at a music festival.

The higher the definition of your drone footage, the more detail you can extract from a smaller area of the frame. This provides excellent editing opportunities in the edit suite. Even small areas of film can be blown up to full frame size in an edit without the loss of detail or degradation. Depending on the drone, you can shoot from 4K to 8K but for most drone video service providers for business, 4K is ample resolution to play with.

It might go without saying, but get to know your drone before you fly it. If you are unsure, do not operate it, especially over people where safety might become an issue! Related to this point – make sure you know your battery life, distance from operator and altitude limitations. You don’t want to lose it or have it drop out of the sky!

Team Creative are the team your business needs for all your professional drone video and photography services in Melbourne and beyond. We regularly travel to shoot too, so if you’re not a Melbourne business, chat to us anyway – we’d love to visit and shoot drone for you, wherever you are!

Frequently Asked Questions: Drone Video And Photography

1. How can drone photography enhance my film production?

The most obvious one is the feeling of ‘prestige’ that drone video can give a brand or a story. We associate big overhead shots of landscapes, cities and events with big and expensive Hollywood films and brands. When you add these kinds of shots your film they literally bring it up a level and allow a great deal of extra creative flexibility with many new angles and perspectives from which you can choose to use in your edit.

Creatively, there are many benefits to incorporating drone photography and videography into your film production. This is why professional drone video services like ours in Melbourne are being used more frequently by brands and businesses everywhere to enhance a piece of filmic communication and show pleasing perspectives that before, would not have been possible.

2. Can you shoot 360 degree video from a drone?

Yes you can shoot 360 degree video from a drone and you can get some really exciting and unique footage, but it pays to have some experience with this type of set up. And if you are not experienced, then at least plan it well! There are two main things to get right and the first is the drone itself – make sure it can handle the weight and size of your camera and that it will attach to your drone mount securely. And secondly, the 360 degree camera – of course make sure it is compatible with a drone.  You will likely need to do some research to discover the best combo for your purposes. After that, you basically just need to remember all the regular drone and shoot preparation you might normally go over ahead of a flight. Get all that right, and you could be the proud owner of some really amazing footage and a wildly exciting VR experience.

3. What are some key tips to remember ahead of and during aerial photography with your drone?

For all kinds of flying, preparation is key, and a drone is no different. Ahead of flying your drone for video or photography, and during flight, these tips will ensure you get the footage you want and don’t lose your aircraft!

Tip 1

It’s simple but important – just check that your drone is working properly in all areas. Crucial areas to check are your battery level and GPS signal but depending on your drone and its complexity there will be other parameters you should review. Just make sure you do!

Tip 2

To state the obvious – make sure you are a licensed drone pilot! Assuming that is a “Yes”, then great – now plan your flight as much as practically possible. Sometimes this is a little difficult in a new area or unknown territory, but it is still beneficial to have a general concept of the area you’d like to capture. If you have the time and ability, then its a good idea to track the same or similar path on the ground and get aware of any obstacles or restrictions to your flight that might disrupt your work. And ahead of your flight – make sure you are not breaking any flight zone restrictions or safely regulations.

Tip 3

When flying your drone, methodically and repeatedly check your control panel data on areas such as altitude, distance from you, direction, wind speed, weather changes and of course, the camera view. And please – make sure you are recording, and capturing what you are there for! If not, make adjustments but try to keep directional changes smooth to avoid jumpiness in the footage.

Tip 4

Land that drone and do it like a boss. You’ve done well. Now get home and check that brand new aerial footage for your film!

4. What Industries Are Using Drone Photography?

Drones are now used across a huge range of industries to capture footage, data and surveys  for an equally wide variety of uses. The ability to capture unique vantage points and to do this over time, has resulted in nothing short of a revolution in various sectors. Here are a few of the main industries taking advantage of professional aerial footage and information captured via drone:


Why get that helicopter? Use a drone and capture amazing aerial shots a lot faster, safer and at significantly lower cost.

Real Estate

People love to look at houses and estates, and now aerial drone footage and photography for property means they can see them in all their glory from above as well as inside.

Construction and Engineering

Drones are used to survey new and existing sites, show progress and create new models. Survey data from a drone can help management decision making and reveal environmental conditions or changes in sites.

Agriculture and environmental conservation

Drones fitted with special sensors are used to monitor crops, pests and potential crop yield. They can also assist in monitoring environmental changes, wildlife movement, tree growth, deforestation and other types of environmental research.

Mining and mapping

In a similar way to the way that drones are used in agriculture and conservation, drones in mining are about collecting data to help create maps, inspect infrastructure, show stockpile levels, and assist general exploration. Cartographers use high resolution cameras to create accurate maps and models.

Media and Journalism

At times when access to areas might be restrictive for regular news crews, drones are used for aerial views (sometimes with a live feed) in cases such as fires, floods, earthquakes and other emergency situations and natural disasters.

Search and rescue and Law Enforcement

Similarly to the way drones are used in media and news, but with a purpose that could mean life or death, drones can quickly search and assess a large area to find stranded or trapped people and animals ahead of their rescue. Sophisticated drones also include night vision, thermal imaging to pick up body heat and sensors for various uses such as the detection of chemicals or contaminants in the air. Law enforcement use drones for surveillance, to track people and vehicles and to monitor crowds for safety.

Tourism and destination marketing

Drones have a very obvious use in promoting regions and destinations to potential tourists. An amazing white sandy beach, the rolling hills of a wine region, an expansive red desert and beautiful, rugged mountain districts are all perfect candidates for capture by drone aerial photography for tourism and destination marketing.

5. Where Can I Source Professional Drone Video Services Near Me?

Team Creative are your team for professional drone video production services in Melbourne. Talk to us about how we can take your film production to the next level experience with drone video and photography.

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