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The philosophy behind Team Creative is built into our name. Team work and creativity lead to innovation, invention and breakthroughs in thinking and output. Working to the simple principles of collaboration and the notion of ‘what’s next’ rather than what exists already, we are far from your ordinary creative agency in Melbourne.

Team Creative specialize in a range of services that push the boundaries of digital communication and marketing with the use of cutting edge technology and new production methodologies. With a focus on XR (VR, AR and MR) development, AI (artificial intelligence) development, video production, drone photography, brand development and social media strategy, we are the go-to Melbourne creative agency for genuine communications technology innovation.


Brands, Videos, Socials, Drones, VR & AI

Team Creative is a Melbourne creative agency specializing in an innovative combination of services including professional video and film production, XR (Extended Reality) development, AI development, brand design and communications strategy services including social media and creative campaign development.

We have extensive long term experience developing technology, high quality film and TV, new and renovated brands and integrated communications strategy including as social media content developers and managers.

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Drone Photography

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Brand Design

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VR Content

We create virtual reality experiences

Creative Video Production and Video Marketing

At Team Creative, we take visual storytelling to new heights with our creative video production services. Drawing on a range of film production technology and film methods, as a modern Melbourne video marketing agency, we create compelling video content that emotionally resonates with audiences. From conceptualization to production, every aspect of video creation is handled with care and thoughtfulness, helping our team to become a trusted video creative development agency in Melbourne...Our video marketing strategies are not just about making visually appealing content, they’re also about crafting explicit and implicit messages that engage, inform and influence. If your brand is holding a corporate creative event requiring an agency in Melbourne, Team Creative can bring the event to life, using drone photography and other film techniques to create an extraordinary, memorable and impactful visual story.

Extended Reality (XR) Development

XR is a relatively new term that is not yet familiar to most people. It means ‘extended reality’. The term encompasses immersive technologies including  Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). For more information about this area of our work please look at our website menu or contact us for a chat.

In the area of XR, we are fast establishing ourselves as an innovator and frontrunner. Our approach to immersive XR solutions in areas such as education, training and brand experiences, is more than just developing fascinating technological curiosities, it is about making powerful, effective and engaging immersive experiences that transport users to different worlds, teach brilliantly, enhance real-world environments, and create interactive experiences that were previously impossible to experience anywhere except within your own imagination.

AI Technology Development

A key to our successful tech product development outcomes is our integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into our immersive (XR) products and the development of standalone AI products. We have in-house AI development capability which means we can develop your AI concepts into new and exciting products and / or we can take your AI brief to develop something in AI that will be most suitable for your business or brand.

360 Degree Video Production Agency

As an example of our use of new film making methodologies, Team Creative explores what is possible with 360 degree video production as an immersive form of storytelling. The use of…

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Drone Photography

Aerial imaging and drone assisted filmmaking allows us to offer a bird’s-eye view to any film edit to add a dramatic and captivating cinematic angle to any video or film edit to add a dramatic…

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Brand Development and Social Media Strategy

At the core of Team Creative’s services is a deep understanding of brand development. When we work with you and your brand we look to identify to identify its ‘beauty spot’…

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More Than Just a Melbourne Creative Agency

At Team Creative we are a team who thrive on innovation and creativity,using technology to bring your ideas and ours to life. Our diverse range of range of services,from…

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The Past, The Present And The Future Creative

Department of Education and Training, Victoria

In 2022 the Team Creative team were engaged by the Department of Education, Victoria to develop a five part film and animation based communications strategy to help promote the Victorian government’s ‘Positive Start’ camps program. The program was developed to assist and fund Victorian students to go to camps after a number of years of reduced outdoor education and social interactions due to the Covid Pandemic. Team Creative filmed ground based and drone photography at various camp locations in Victoria, subsequently editing and producing five different communications pieces for the Victorian government.

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Team Creative team have worked with Mindflight7 from the very first days of the birth of this fantastic education technology brand concept in 2019. Our Team has helped to develop all aspects of this one-of-a-kind Australian Virtual Reality education brand, including the brand name, brand identity (logo), brand foundations, brand guidelines, VR development, copywriting, web design, sales, marketing and communications strategy, social media content and management, event management, film and photography. We also assist in product development, high level business strategy and partnerships for Mindflight7.

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National Protective Services

Team Creative team members work with National Protective Services, a Melbourne based security company with well over 30 years experience in the protective services industry. Our team works broadly with National Protective Services providing brand communications services including, developing and executing its social media strategy, SEO review, image sourcing, copywriting, design, film, photography, PR and supplier management.

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Urban Camp

Urban Camp is a very special Melbourne city centric camp destination for lucky school students from around Victoria. A 2022 Gold Tourism Award Winner, Urban Camp is situated in extensive parklands adjacent to the Melbourne Zoo, giving it a unique country, outdoors feel right in the middle of the city! Team Creative worked with Urban Camp and some of its excited camp-goers over a multi-day period to develop a new central piece of brand film content (and various edits) showing activities, expressing the excitement and communicating the qualities of Urban Camp. Along with the film production pieces, we also shot and produced a photographic library for Urban Camp social media and other promotional uses.

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Clinical Trials Australia

Clinical Trials Australia is an Australian based web platform for advertising clinical trials in an easy to search interface design. Members of Team Creative team have developed the brand, brand and social communicaitons and designed and developed the SEO optimised website. We also help promote trials to attract trial volunteers and patients for Trial researchers, developing custom, targeted communications strategies for this purpose.

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Skyroad Logistics

Chris from Team Creative was briefed to develop a ‘brand memorial’ video to celebrate and remember the life of Anthony Clark a much loved founding member of SkyRoad Logistics. This video brief required a highly sensitive approach to the filming, the interactions with Skyroad Logistics team and the edit production itself. The resulting video, entitled ‘Fallen’ now exists as a tribute and memorial to the life of an amazing individual, a dedicated husband, father and a visionary businessman.

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Australian Camps Association

Team Creative team members have worked with Australian Camps Association, Australia’s Peak body for camps and associated providers, for a number of years. We have provided ACA with research for website SEO, social media industry benchmarking, social media strategy, photographic services, scriptwriting and film and video editing production services.

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Newborn Baby Films

Newborn Baby Films is a brilliant Melbourne based film and photography business with a difference – it captures the first moments and days of a newborn baby in wonderful film pieces and photographic work that become cherished and lasting family heirlooms. Our Team Creative team have developed the Newborn Baby Films brand design, website, brand communications strategy and manage its ongoing social media content and advertising.

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Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Team Creative team members work with ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go!’ to develop and execute destination marketing campaigns for businesses, regions, tourism boards and councils across Australia. Team Creative members also developed the brand identity, website, brand communications strategy and manage the social media for Oh The Places You’ll Go!

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Fragile Landscapes

Team Creative develops and executes the promotional strategy and film content for Fragile Landscapes, the ongoing landscape glass art series by Melbourne artist, Chris Gillard. Chris develops large scale glass landscape images on layered glass, giving a unique and intriguing 3D effect to his images. Chris works with architects to integrate his stunning and impactful artworks into architectural spaces and home designs.

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What We Do

Team Creative Animation Development

As part of our full service film and video production services, Team Creative develops animated elements including brand logos, animated characters and entire aimed worlds for virtual reality experiences. Ask us about our creative animation services today.

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Team Creative Brand Building And Business Development

Led by Chris, our Creative Director, Team Creative have decades of experience building entirely new brands and renovating and repositioning existing brands. Our team history reel includes work for well known brands such as Shaver Shop, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, the Monthly and Total Tools. More recently we’ve completed a diverse range of creative projects with the Department of Education and Training, Victoria, Australian Camps Association, National Protective Services, Clinical Trials Australia and Mindflight7, the Australian VR education phenomenon and more. Need a brand built from scratch? Want to reposition your existing brand or business? Ask us about our brand development services today.

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Team Creative Video And Film Production

The Team Creative film and video production team can help bring your unique brand story to life with a professionally produced piece of video or an entire film based communications campaign. We can write your script, produce and direct, shoot your footage (including drone photography and film), complete the edit and publish your finished piece to whatever media channel you require or run it as a campaign via paid media channels. Do you need to produce a piece of film content for your brand? Do you have a brand story to tell with film? Ask us about our video and film production services today.

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Team Creative Virtual Reality Experience Development

Virtual Reality is a fascinating area of communications technology that is exploding across the world. After decades as a niche visual communications tool, virtual reality is now mainstream with new VR headsets topping the Christmas lists for people of all ages. Given that you can literally, physically immerse a person into any interactive environment you can imagine, VR is an incredibly exciting area for brands looking to innovate their communications strategies and engage audiences in the most fascinating and compelling way. Team Creative have the experience in virtual reality and know-how to develop your exciting new VR project. Do you want your brand to stand out from the crowd with a brand experience like no other? Do you want your customers to not just remember your brand, but rave about it? Ask us about our virtual reality experience development services today.

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Team Creative Drone Photography And Film

With Team Creative drone photography and film services, you can give your film or video production a truly epic, cinematic feel. In the past you would require helicopters, huge insurance, major permits and equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars to get similar results. Now, with drones, we can get you the types of shots you’d only dream about in the past. In 2022 alone, we produced film content including drone footage for numerous clients including Urban Camp Melbourne, Department of Education and Training Victoria, Mindflight7, Oh The Places You’ll Go! and Clinical Trials Australia. Would you like to get stunning aerial images or footage for your business or brand? Would you like to produce a memorable video piece with a big brand feel? Ask us about our drone photography and film services today.

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Virtual Reality Brand Experiences – A Whole New Universe Of Brand Marketing Opportunities.

Did you know that your brand can reach consumers like never before with Virtual Reality (VR)? If you’re not thinking about using VR and creating brand experiences for your business, product or company, then you’ll risk missing out on a tectonic, game-changing shift in brand communications and sales methodology. It’s time to change that.

With marketing practices ever-evolving, companies at the cutting edge are finding innovative ways to engage consumers, create a lasting impact and make sales. With the help of a brand experience agency in Melbourne such as Team Creative, VR brand experiences are adding a hugely exciting, interactive layer to the marketing arsenal of companies everywhere.

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Virtual Reality In Education In Australia – The Uses And Effectiveness Of VR For Learning

VR educational experiences represent a truly remarkable moment in learning methodology. A virtual reality headset is not just a new screen to get lost in, it is a highly effective new tool for learning in a brand new era of teaching. In short, it is an educational revelation. At Team Creative, we are evangelists for promoting the power of virtual reality to positively impact a student’s education.

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A Training Revolution: VR For Corporate Training In Melbourne

In the past, your regular corporate training in Melbourne or any other city across the world,  might include a group coming together for one or two days of lengthy instructions, reading and explanations of processes. It can be dull and boring for all participants if not delivered well or if the content is not compelling. Now, VR for corporate and workplace training offers a great number of benefits over traditional methods of company training.

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The Amazing And Exciting World Of 360 Degree Immersive Video Production

The film-making production process has evolved incredibly over the past few decades. What once was just a camera and a person or dolly has transformed to a range of filming techniques and equipment to better enhance your film production. One of the most exciting new tools for filmmakers like us at Team Creative (Melbourne), is 360 degree immersive video.

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The Rise Of Virtual Reality (VR) Immersive Education In Australia And Overseas

At Team Creative, we know firsthand the power of immersive learning VR technology. As a team, we have used VR to create breakthrough immersive learning solutions and careers experiences in Melbourne for use across Australia and beyond. In this article, we will explore the background of immersive learning with VR and its benefits for students.

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Rise Above To See The Whole Picture – Drone Video And Photography

We’ve all seen those moments in blockbuster Hollywood movies with the sweeping overhead shots of the epic mountain landscapes or the fast moving shots through the city buildings at night. These shots look amazingly impressive and provide that feeling of cinematic scale and high production values that you expect from these types of movies. In the past, these kinds of overhead shots required massive budgets, helicopters or huge cranes and the experienced pilots and camera operators to execute them. But things have changed and the type of impressive overhead film shots you expect from Hollywood are now achievable with the right video production team and equipment at a price and in timeframes that make this type of aerial photography much more accessible to businesses in Melbourne and beyond.

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What types of video production services does Team Creative offer?

Team Creative offers a comprehensive range of video production services, including corporate videos, promotional content, educational videos, event coverage, and creative storytelling. We handle everything from concept development to post-production, ensuring high-quality content tailored to clients’ specific needs. Our focus on new film making technology and processes results in a wide variety of film edit outcomes and production formats such as 360 degree immersive video.

What is the best creative approach video marketing?

Team Creative approaches video marketing with a dedicated focus on compelling storytelling and audience engagement. We spend time with you up front to develop strategic video content that aligns with your marketing goals, enhances brand visibility and most effectively communicates the message to the target audience. We also advise on leveraging various digital platforms for most effective distribution and audience engagement.

What is XR development?

XR (Extended Reality) encompasses Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Team Creative specializes in XR development by creating immersive and interactive digital experiences for various uses, including training, simulations, healthcare, marketing and interactive storytelling.

Can VR experiences be developed for specific industries?

Yes, Team Creative develops customized VR experiences as an immersive way to engage audiences, tailored to the needs of whatever industry you might be working in. Our expertise lies in fully understanding your industry-specific requirements (meaning that we insist on a solid discovery phase of the brief) and subsequently creating VR, (and AR or MR) solutions that meet your goals eg. training, product demonstrations, brand experience, virtual tours and more.

How can drone photography be used in film production?

Various production companies will have their own approaches. At Team Creative we use drone photography to capture high-quality aerial footage and photographs to add interest and a bit more sparkle to a video edit. This type of service is ideal for real estate, tourism, events and commercial projects and provides our clients and their audiences with unique perspectives and visually stunning content for various marketing and promotional needs.

What does the term ‘brand development services’ mean?

Brand development encompasses all aspects of developing a brand from the initial business idea to a fully developed brand launch campaign, beginning after the identification of the market opportunity. Team Creative offers comprehensive brand development services, including brand naming, brand identity design, brand foundations and positioning, communications strategy and go to market comms. We work closely with clients to understand vision and values, crafting a brand that both understands and communicates its unique ‘beauty spot’.

What are the main components of a social media strategy?

Effective social media strategies for business includes content creation, platform management, community engagement and analytics. This can include the development of strategies within the overall strategy such as ‘influencer marketing’ or ‘content marketing strategies’ which are value adds for your audiences and a way to move them down a sales funnel. At Team Creative we focus on creating content that engages audiences, enhances your online presence, and drives business objectives across various social media platforms most appropriate to your goals and audiences.

Are Team Creative’s services suitable for small businesses and startups?

While we do work with businesses of all kinds, most of our client work comes from medium or large enterprises. Having said that, we are very happy to hear from small businesses and startups who are looking for a genuinely innovative and technology driven approach to brand development, tech products and communications.